Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Thing 4

In the interest of powering through, I've started on Thing 4 right after posting about Thing 3. I think I might need to take a break before I start on Thing 5 though! This task is all about using online resources to keep up to date with the library world. The tools that have been specifically recommended are Twitter, Pushnote and RSS feeds. I already use Twitter, so it was nice not to have to sign up to anything to benefit from some of the suggestions for this particular tool and I have found some really useful people and organisations through this - for my dissertation as well as personal interest.
I definitely need to make myself use Twitter more in the future, it's just taking me a long time to get used to looking at the screen and not seeing hundreds of hash tags and @ symbols screaming at me.
Having had a look at who I can follow on Twitter I moved swiftly on to RSS Feeds. This is something I haven't really used before. For some reason I've always thought of it as something slightly geeky and outside of my ability. I don't know where on Earth I got that idea from... it's really easy! You just click a link, sign in to Google and hey presto! Absolutely ingenious. I particularly like that I can now see at a glance who has posted their next CPD23 Thing. I will definitely be using this more in the future.
Moving on to Pushnote: This sounds like it could be a fantastic tool, but i hasn't converted me yet. I feel like I would want people to be using it when looking at my blog or when visiting a library website, but personally I don't want to add yet another thing to my bookmarks. Quite apart from that, I already have access to way too many different means of expressing my opinion on the web and whilst I see the appeal, it's just not for me. I think that if it becomes more widespread and people I know are using it then maybe I will eat my words, but right now.. I don't know, do you ever ge the feeling that there is just too much to do on the internet?!

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