Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Thing 10 - Graduate traineeships, Masters Degrees, Chartership, Accreditation

Ok, so.. my route into librarianship. Well first off I completely missed out the whole graduate traineeship step because I couldn't bear to add another year to being a perpetually poor student. I was really lucky to get a job as a part time library assistant n a public library whilst I was finishing my undergrad (English and Economics - what the hell was I going to do with that?! and fell in love with the idea of being a librarian. I decided to hope that I would have enough experience to get on a masters course without a traineeship and I was accepted at City University London. So here I am 6 months after graduating with a librarian post in the very same library service I started out in and I can honestly say that I love it! Whilst I am still perpetually poor (let's face it, there's not much money in public libraries) I do appreciate how lucky I have been to get this job. Having seen the extremely tough competition people are up against when applying for even the most part time of library assistant jobs I thank my lucky stars that I was given that first post. Especially as I wasn't even the first choice but was fortunate enough that the woman who was originally offered the job declined it! If I hadn't ended up in that library I really don't know what career path I would have chosen. I have a sneaking suspicion that I might have foolhardedly decided that teaching would be a good back up, so for saving me from a career that I definitely would have loathed I have to say a big hooray for librarianship!

Monday, 9 July 2012

Thing 9: Evernote

Now this I like! Evernote does exactly what I want it to and does so with minimum fuss. I have a very annoying habit of stumbling accross things on the web that I want to come back to later but then immediately forget all about them. (I'm sure I'm not the only one)! I've tried a few solutions - Pinterest, social bookmarking (Delicious) and even simply keeping a kind of diary of URLs and links but none of these were quite right. What I particularly love about Evernote is that it is a kind of amalgamation of the best bits of all those options. So I can save URLs and annotate them to remind myself why I might like to look at it again and I can also just highlight bits of webpages and save them as images. This way, if the link dies or the page disappears I can still look back at it. Genious. The only problem I did come accross was that I don't have sufficient admin priviledges on any of the work PCs to download the full software. This is a bit annoying, but the Web Clipper seems to work well enough and I can use it at home, so this isn't a major issue. All in all, I think I'll use Evernote quite a bit, but I have to admit that I'm probably more iterested in how it will be useful to me personally rather than professionally. It would be interesting to know if there are any libraries/librarians out there using it though.