Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Thing 13: Google Docs, Wikis and Dropbox

This one was fun :) I've already used Dropbox and Wikis before - wikis and their potential uses in libraries got quite a write-up in my dissertation - so I decided to concentrate on Google Docs for this post. I can definitely see potential uses in the work place: as a team we often have to pick up enquiries not quite finished by the last person working on it and we often collaborate on projects. Currently we rely on saving drafts of emails in mailboxes we all have access to or leaving documents in the shared drive but this is very limited. For a start we have to be logged in to a PC under our own username (which takes about 15 minutes for the ancient things to load) and as we are often running about the building using PCs on public desks it really isn't possible a lot of the time to access this information. It would be fantastic to be able to use something which is in the cloud and so accessible from anywhere and which can be edited by anyone. I'm hopeful that we might make use of this, or if not a similar tool sometime in the future, but for now I had to make do with playing with it - sharing documents with my partner and each of us editing in turn. Under the guise of CPD, it made my work day quite enjoyable!

Monday, 24 September 2012

Thing 12: Putting the social in social media

I have been ousted! It's time for me to admit that despite professing that it is really important for libraries and information professionals to use social media, I myself am a bit of a lurker. I like to watch what other people are talking about, but I don;t ever get involved. It's one of the reasons why keeping this blog up to date has been so difficult for me: I'm just not used to actually participating. My workplace now has a Twitter account (at long last)! and at some point I am going to have to tweet rather than just leaving it to everyone else... But I really don't have anything interesting to say! Lots of work to be done here I think.

Thing 11: Mentoring

Oh dear I'm a bit behind again! I do already have a mentor, so there wasn't a great deal to do for this Thing, but I have put a little thought into the mentor-mentee relationship. I think there are lots of benefits to having a mentor and certainly mine is very good - the problem is that I think I'm a bit hopeless as a mentee! I don't feel that I'm really giving back in any way. Mostly this is because I have a mentor purely because I'm trying to complete Chartership, and as I currently don't have the time to do much on that front I very rarely have reason to contact my mentor. I can't help but feel that this is very bad of me - I know that she would make the time to respond to me if I were to contact her so I should definitley be making the effort myself...