Saturday, 6 October 2012

Thing 15: Attending, presenting at and organising seminars, conferences and other events

I always like the idea of attending events more than I like actually going to them. To date I have been to the London Book Fair and the Online Information event. I also managed to get a funded place on the LIKE Ideas 2012: The Business of Social Media conference, but I was unable to go because of work. I think the problem is that I tend to go on my own and I'm not a particularly outgoing person, so I sort of drift around the areas that interest me and hope that someone else starts talking to me. This is definitely not a very good approach! Maybe actually speaking at one of these things would help me get over that barrier. I generally hate any kind of public speaking and have in the past made a complete fool of myself several times. Recently however I've been coerced into giving a library tour and induction to year 10 students; presenting a certificate in an adult learning class and holding a training session for volunteers. Each time it has gotten easier and I'm not quite as freaked out by the idea as I was. I think I need to get more organised, decide which events I want to attend and sort out time off, then work out the funding. And maybe sometime soon I will feel confident enough to find something to say to others. Some of the most valuable presentations I have seen tend to be people talking about their own experiences (and in the process sharing good ideas without really realising it), so maybe I have more to offer than I am aware of. Something to think about anyhow.

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