Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Thing 18: Jing / screen capture / podcasts (making and following them)

Argh! I keep meaning to do this one at home as I can't download Jing on my work computer but I keep forgetting. I want to press on and I don't like going from Thing 17 to Thing 19 - it just feels wrong! - so I'm writing a quick note to remind myself to do it this evening. I would like to use it to create a couple of guides to help people searching the public catalogue. We often get questions like "How can I see a list of DVDs you have in stock?" and it would be so useful to have a couple of videos showing how to set up a search to get this info. It's a bit difficult to explain in writing or over the phone so having something available to email or even put up on the website would be a massive improvement!

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