Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Thing 20: Library Routes

Well I already did this one in Thing 10 so I thought I'd had a little read through some other people's journeys and see how they compare to mine. I've always found when attending events and looking at other participants of things like CPD23 that preey much everyone else seem to be working in academic libraries, so I was thrilled to find that the first post I read was of a library assistant who had started out in public libraries before getting qualified, having previously toyed with the idea of publishing (just like me)! It was fascinating to read a story with so many similarities to mine.
Here's a few links to the stories I read:
Zoe Sharp, Library Assistant.
Penny Robertson, Assistant Librarian - Extended Hours, Oxford Brookes University.
Jennifer McParland, Deputy Music Librarian, Bodleian Libraries.
Nikki Herriott, Information Services Librarian.
Emma Cragg, Senior Information Librarian, University of Oxford.
I pretty much just picked random ones, but I was also drawn to anyone who mentioned Oxford in their description, since that's where I'm based.

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