Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Thing 23: What next?

I have to admit I haven't put together a PPDP on the back of this programme, but that is only because I already have one as part of the Chartership process. I also have something very similar as part of the appraisal process at work and I don't feel that writing this down for the third time is really a very useful exercise. However, this programme has certainly made me think about the kinds of development needs I have included (or missed out) and how achievable it is. I think I focused far to much on 'traditional librarian skills' such as cataloguing without really thinking about how on earth I was going to fit it into a job that just doesn't require those skills from me. Given the huge opportunity my job provides to improve on skills in other areas, it seems silly to put pressure on myself to learn something like cataloguing. Previously I felt like this was something I really needed to know right now, but I think that this programme has opened my eyes to all the other aspects of librarianship. There are so many things that are within my reach that I can improve on or even learn from scratch that will be more useful to me right now. I'm not so worried now about having gaps in my knowledge. I'm content just to know that it is within my abilities to fill those gaps if need be. Gradually I will close those gaps, but for now, I will focus on those skills that are more achievable and more useful.
So I may not have written a new PPDP, but I will be adding to my current one and worrying less about those items that I'm just not getting to.

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